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As Slovenia's leading provider of communication solutions, Telekom Slovenije is constantly developing and introducing new innovative technologies to provide users with connectivity through a state-of-the-art network, cutting-edge services and an excellent user experience. By offering state-of-the-art ICT services and solutions, it also makes an important contribution to the digitalization of the economy and society in general.

Ajda Brlec, Telekom Slovenije

We discussed the challenges on the path of digital transformation with Ajda Brlec, Director of Digitalization and ICT Development at Telekom Slovenije.

1. What are you planning to present to the PANTHEON conference participants?

We will present how companies can make use of technology to prepare themselves for an unpredictable business environment. Businesses want to effectively invest in technology and focus their investments on solutions that directly translate into better business performance. At the same time, business decision makers are assessing which processes can be outsourced and which they want to keep in-house. In this regard, an action plan to adapt technology and support teams to any changes in a timely manner is crucially important.

2. How is Telekom Slovenije contributing to digital transformation?

Digitalization brings new technologies and processes to make businesses more efficient and competitive, and has an impact on social development. The pandemic has reminded us all that we need to accelerate these activities in all areas. Telekom Slovenije is intensively developing telemedicine and e-supply solutions, and services for remote work and business. In addition, there is a growing demand for smart city and community solutions, comprehensive ICT solutions, and document systems as a solution for the digitalization of business processes and paperless business. We develop solutions to automate, simplify and make processes more efficient as well as SAP solutions. And not to forget cybersecurity, which is crucially important in an era of accelerated digitalization.

3. What do you see as the key factor in accelerating digital transformation in a company?

We are at a stage of evolution where the transition to digital business is a necessity. However, it is crucial that there is awareness and agreement within the company, because not only does digital transformation bring changes to business operations and processes, but also to the way we think. Employees need to understand why this is important and necessary for them and for the company, because the company can only make this kind of shift together with its employees.

4. How do you plan your business in the light of the forecasts of the coming recession and energy crisis?

At Telekom Slovenije, we are constantly optimizing our operations and processes, and we are committed to digitalization at all levels of our business.

5. What advice would you give to companies facing challenges in digitizing their business?

Be persistent. Digitalization is a complex process that requires taking many small steps. Make your employees aware of why digital transformation is a necessity, what the concrete steps along the way are needed, how it will affect their work, processes, customers.
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